What we need to know for a price quote:

- Total number of units
- Number of print colors
- Size of print (left chest print or full chest print)
- Number of print locations (front, back and/or arm)
- Apparel style (T-shirt, hoodie, crewneck)
- Customization (Name and/or number)

* We require proper design files (EPS, PDF, SVG).
If the graphic design team needs to remake the logo, there's a $75 charge.
* Logos need to remain the same size/color on all units to qualify for bulk pricing.

Bulk Pricing Brackets

Quantity 5+ 10% discount
Quantity 12+ 15% discount
Quantity 25+ 20% discount
Quantity 50+ 25% discount
Quantity 75+ 30% discount
Quantity 100+ 35% discount
Quantity 125+ 40% discount
Quantity 150+ 50% discount

*Higher brackets available

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